Top 5 Tips for Choosing an IT Partner

There are plenty of IT companies out there that provide IT support for which the growth of your business is crucial. With so many out there, it can be quite a task picking what suits your business the best. Here are some tips we walk you through to make this daunting task a little less difficult:

  1. Do Not Under Any Circumstances Fall for a Plain Good Sales Pitch: There are literally hundreds of companies out there that tirelessly try to get your business in every possible available marketing channel there is! While there are a handful of honest ones, there is no dearth of ones who lie, deceive and cheat. So it is important that you do your homework and make sure it is done well. Start with a detailed background check by inquiring with industry contacts, read up reviews, look up their clients and with an IT expert, you should be able to gauge their capacity and professionalism. Once your IT advisor gives you a head up and they fit into your budget, you should make it a point to fly out to their office location and check them out in person.
  2. Decide in Advance the Size of the Team You Will Need: As per statistics, the optimal size of companies to work with have teams of the strength of 12 to 80 employees with a fair distribution of seniors as well as junior employees.
  3. Make Well-Informed Decisions: Now this does sound obvious but then needs to be mentioned as people can pick a company only because it’s cheap or because you are good friends with the CEO. You should also check if the company you pick have the technology and expert.
  4. Test Your New IT partner with Small Projects: Even when everything prior to signing the deal is done right, this alone cannot guarantee you with a good, expert professional company. So, start off with testing waters first by giving them smaller projects. That way, you will be able to gauge if risking bigger projects with them is worth the while. Or you could look at their portfolio to know the size of projects the company can handle. For instance, IT Support AMJ has handled large projects with various requirements in a highly professional way.
  5. Keep off Broke Companies: This is something you should take care of from day 1 since a company, which is not sustainable and financially stable, could close shutters any minute, even if they are in the middle of your project. So, do a thorough background check of how the company is doing financially.

We hope these tips will help you pick the right IT partner.

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