Top 4 Ways to Generate Revenue through Your Blog

These days’ people have become more interested in making their presence online. One of the easiest ways of getting one self online is through blogs. Blogging is the easiest way out. Blogs can be used as a platform where you can express yourself on various areas of life. If you have any particular interest on any subject matter, then you will have to start writing blogs on the similar niche and post some informative content on a regular basis. If you wish to convert your interest to a business, you can do so by writing blog posts. There are a lot of ways you can generate money with your blogs.

  1. The Affiliate method:  You can earn quite a lot of money by becoming an affiliate. There are a lot of sites out there like amazon, clickbank, flipkart and many more, which lets you become an affiliate. You can sign up with these sites and start promoting their products in your blog. You can write a product review for one of the products from these sites and paste your affiliate link somewhere in the blog post. Now, if you have good number of visitors, there are chances that you will have many people clicking on your affiliate link and in case they make a purchase, you will be given a certain percent of commission from the total sale amount of the product.
  2. Have an Opt- in : One more way of retaining the visitors is by having an opt- in, by this if a person visits your site, he/she will be asked to sign up with your site to receive regular blog post updates. So if you have some thousand odd visitors in your site, you can save this email list of these visitors and start promoting your affiliate products to them on a regular basis. This way your chances of making sales are really high.
  3. Place adsense ads: One more thing you can do to monetize the site is by placing ads in your blog. You will be able to make a lot of money this way. Each time a visitor clicks on the ad on your blog, you will be paid certain cents. Over a period of time, you would have made a few hundred dollars, which is absolutely a good amount.
  4. Place custom ads: If you maintain a good blog with decent number of visitors coming in, you have an advantage over the other bloggers. If your blog is reputed, there will be people who would want to advertise their products or services on your site. This is one more way you can earn some extra bucks.

These are some of the ways you can make money with your blogs.

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