Nine Facts You Should Know About Microscope Camera

Microscope camera is an excellent tool for both research and education purposes. It is very commonly used these days because it can capture live images with shortest reaction time and the result is accurately clear with high resolution.

High end microscope cameras come with the latest digital sensor technology in order to capture even the tiniest living species on the Earth. Microscope camera USB port features and computer connectivity make these gadgets a boon for many applications. There are a number of companies in the market that offer a wide range of microscope cameras.  

There are several interesting things about these minute gadgets. Here are few facts that you should know about microscope cameras.  

  • A good hi-tech microscope camera can produce photographs of 12 million pixels resolution with a single click. In order to get this result, you should buy a sophisticated microscope camera, which is a little bit costlier when compared to the normal ones.
  • With the advancements in technology and science, microscope cameras come with additional features. They can be connected with computers and the user can visualize all the activities. USB digital microscope camera is one of the latest gadgets, which can capture every detail as it is equipped with 8 adjustable LED lights that make the work ever easier.
  • One of the most important facts about microscope camera is that their resolution varies from VGA, Full HD to 14 MP and may reach up to 2k – 8k. Depending upon the resolution, their application varies. Microscope cameras are mostly used for industrial and biomedical usage.
  • Microscope camera is a new electronic product consisting of an optical lens and an image sensor along with illumination mechanism for sensitive operations. One more important feature is that it can measure objects too.
  • These cameras have high sensitivity with strong dynamic performance. Talking about the speed, they can capture the clips in less than micro seconds or nano seconds with high image quality. They have superb light sensitivity as they come with inbuilt CMOS sensors.  
  • People think that microscope cameras cannot perform well in dark areas, but it is not true at all. They can perform extremely well in well-lit as well as dark areas. In fact, they have a high signal to noise ratio, which means they can give the best output to light as well as darkness. High end microscope cameras can capture HD quality images and at the same time record videos. This makes them useful in the medical field.
  • Stereo microscope, popularly known as Low Power or Dissecting Microscopes, use light reflected from the surface of an object rather than transmitted through it. Hence, it provides 3D viewing of specimens, which can be seen through naked eyes. Stereo microscope price is less as compared to digital microscope cameras.
  • Microscope cameras play a vital role in the field of life science research too. They help in the study and experimental process of cell culture checking, documentation of stained specimens for morphological examinations, live cell imaging and study of analytical methods such as Fluorescence Recovery after Photo Bleaching and Forster Resonance Energy Transfer.
  • They are the main source for generating reliable, reproducible and quantifiable data, which cannot be expected from any other scientific device. In short, it is the new electronic health product of the new age.

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