Lancia Automobiles

Founded on November 29, 1906, Lancia Automobiles happens to be an Italian brand famous for production of automobiles. It was founded by Vincenzo Lancia and operated as an independent business entity until 1969, when it got merged with the Fiat Group. The company currently runs its headquarters at Turin, Italy and the key business person involved in the activities of the company include the President Luca di Montezemolo as well as the CEO Olivier François.

The original logo of the company had a lance, shield as well as flag, designed by Count Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia, but it was re-designed off-late in 2007. They’ve been producing a strong line-up of luxurious cars as well as racing car rally models. Even after the merger with fiat, they’ve been aiming at providing the luxurious choices to the regular fiat range.

Apart from luxurious cars, they have also been into the business of manufacturing, trucks such as the Lancia Esadelta C, Jota and Dijota launched in 1915, Lancia Triota and Tetrajota launched in 1921, followed by Pentajota in 1924, Esajota, Eptajota in 1927, and the Lancia Omicron. Lancia has produced light commercial vehicles like the Lancia Beta, Beta Diesel, Lancia Jolly as well as Lancia Superjolly.

During 1930s and 1940s they continued production of Lancia Ro, Lancia Ro-Ro, 3Ro, EsaRo, and 6Ro. They came out with Esatau in 1950, and Lancia Eta was the first car built with a loading area, while the E 290 happens to be the single-built electric truck.

The Lancia Beta 190, was released in 1959, which had a supercharged twin-cylinder compressor, and it was a two stroke diesel engine based vehicle. The company also manufactured buses like the Lancia Trijota, Tetrajota, Omicron, Ro, Esatau, and Esagamma., trolleybuses like the Lancia Esatau V11

They have even manufactured Military vehicles such as the Lancia IZM in 1912, which was an armored vehicle, the Lancia Lince (lynx) in 1942, which was an armored car, and almost a true copy of the Daimler Dingo MK.

The top engines designed by Lancia include the Lancia V4 engine, V6 engine, V8 engine, as well as the Lancia Flat-4 engine. These engines have been used ingeniously in most of the Lancia automobiles, while some of them are also used in the Fiat cars these days as well.

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